Construction Tape

Specialized Products

Aluminum Foil Tape
Air Conditioning, Ducting, Coil Armouring
Aluminum Foil Tape (Special Grade/ Without Liner)
Cable Industry, Field Coil Manufacturers
Anti-Corrosive Pipe Wrap Tape
Gas Pipe Lines, Under ground Pipe Wrap
Black Cotton/ Friction Tape
Electrical Maintenance / Power Station
Black/ White Waterproof Tape
Defence / Cable Mfg. / Masking of Metal
Barium Chromate Tape
High Voltage Cable Mfg. Industries
Bitumen Coated Hessain Cloth Tape
Cable Mfg. Industries
Circuit Board Tape
Electronic Industries
Double Sided Cloth Adhesive Tape
(Paper/ Polyester liner)
Flexo Printer
Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape
Paper Mills & Mounting Purpose
Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape (Non Ozing Type)
Moulded luggage Mfg. Industry
Double Sided Polyester Tape
Electrical & Electronic Indus. Transformer
Double Sided Fiber Glass Cloth Tape
H Class Electrical Motors Traction Motors
Eylet Tape
Foot Wear Industries
EPDM Foam Tape
Electrical Panel Mfgr.
Fiber Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape (B Class/ F Class)
Electrical Coils Insulation Auto Coils T.V.
Fiber Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape (H Class)
T.V./MCB/Motor Rewinding Works
Fiber Glass Siliconised Varnish Tape (F Class)
Electrical Motor Stator Winding isolation
Fiber Glass Siliconised Varnish Tape (H Class)
Power Transformer L.V.Section
Fiber Glass Silicon Elastomer Coated Tape
Traction Motors & Power Transformer
Fiber Glass Lamination Adhesive Tape
Electrical Insulation Application
Filament Tape
Rolled Copper Stripes Mfg.
Foam Polyurethane Tape
Panel Mfgrs. / Audio Video Mfgrs.
Foam EVA Tape
Mounting of Objects
Foam Cross Link Polyethylene
Panel Mfgrs.
FRLT (Fire Retardant Low Insulation Tape)
Cable Mfg. / Electrical Maintenance
Glass Mica Tape
Cable Mfg. Industries, Electrical Appliances
HDPE Woven Sack Tape
Heat Sealing Tape (PVC)
Automobile Industries
Kapton Adhesive Tape (H Class)
Traction Motor / Elect. Switchgear Mfg.
Masking Crape Paper Tape
Painting Units Automobile Mfgrs.
Nylon Adhesive Tape(Medium strength/Extra Strong)
Shoe Mfg. Industries
Nylon Knitted Seam Adhesive Tape
Shoe Mfg. Industries
Nylon Non Adhesive Tape
Shoe Mfg. Industries
Non Waterproof Cloth Adhesive Tape
General Insulation Foot Wear Industries
Nomex Adhesive Tape (H Class)
Electrical Coils Auto Ignition Coils Mfgrs.
Polyester Electrical Insulation Tape (Asstcolor)
Cable Mfg. Transformer Insulation
Polyester Electrical Insulation White Adhesive Tape
Electrical Transformer Insulation
Polyester Electrical Insulation Adhesive Tape (Thick)
Electrical Transformer Insulation
Polyester 1Mill Splicing Tape
For Giving Joints on Siliconised Material
Polyester Based Silicon tape (H class)
Paper Lamination Cotton Adhesive Tape
Shoe Industries
Paper Lamination Nylon Adhesive Tape
Shoe Industries
Rayon Tape (Pink & Black)
T. V. Tube Mfgrs. / Transformer Industries
Rayon Tape (Acetate)
Electrical Coil Mfgrs.
Rubber Coated Cotton Tape
Cable Mfgrs.
Rubber Sealant Tape
AC Joints Sealing
Room Temperature Polyester Adhesive Tape
General Application & Cutlery
Surface Protection Polyethylene Tape
White Goods Mfgrs. / Anodizes
Surface Protection PVC Tape
White Goods Mfgrs. / Glass Mfgs.
Semi Conducting Carbon & Graphite Tape
Cable Mfg. Industries
Siliconised Double Sided Polyester Tape
Special Application
Transparent Self Adhesive Polyester Tape
Electrical Transformer Mfgs.
Teflon Coated Fiber Glass Tape
Milk Industries / Battery Cell Mfgs.
Transfer Adhesive Tape (TAT)
Non Adhesive Foam Mfgs./ Hologram Mfgs.
Teflon Adhesive Tape
Traction Motors End Sealing of Mica Tape
Uniform Mica Tape Kapton Mica Lamination
High Temperature Insulation Traction Motors
Waterproof Cloth Adhesive Tape
Cable Mfgs. / Special Packing App.
Water Swellable Tape
Optic Cable Mfg. & Power Cable Mfg.